Multi-CAD is the Key to Shaping our Future CAD/PLM Environment – An Interview with Dr. Jan Meyer

PROSTEP Meyer Group

The Meyer Group, one of the world’s leading builders of cruise ships, has adopted the platform concept to develop and build ships whose appearances differ, but which share a common technical basis. PROSTEP’s native CAD conversion was a decisive factor in the reuse of design data from the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg at Meyer’s Turku shipyard in Finland. Managing Director Dr. Jan Meyer explains the challenges that accompany this innovative approach to shipbuilding.

New OpenPDM Connectors for PLM Integration

New OpenPDM Connectors - Sharepoint CIM Helios.png

PROSTEP has expanded the options it offers for integrating systems in heterogeneous PLM landscapes. In addition to the tried-and-tested standard connectors for 3D EXPERIENCE, ARAS Innovator, AutoDesk Vault, EKM, SAP, SIM Manager, Teamcenter and PTC Windchill, the PLM integration and migration solution OpenPDM now also offers connectors to SharePoint, HELiOS and CIM Database PLM. They were developed as part of customer projects.​

Shift to Model Based Systems Engineering

In the past, engineering projects revolved around ‘document’ and ‘drawing’ centric processes which each contained fragments of information about the whole system. The major downside to this model was that it failed to keep and manage the ‘pieces of information and their connections’. This model also lacked quick access and consistent traceability when project data was examined. It became difficult to assess project completeness, architecture integration, consistency of requirements, change impacts, verification, validation, and end-to-end traceability.

PROSTEP Enhances Daimler AG’s Central PDM backbone SMARAGD Architecture

Utilizing more than 15,000 users with data volume over 5 terabytes, SMARAGD is Daimler AG’s central PDM backbone PROSTEP has recently been tasked with furthering functional development along with the development of the new SMARAGD architecture thus making it ready for a future of digitalization and smart engineering.

Cleaning up the PLM infrastructure

Karcher PROSTEP Success Story

With a workforce of more than 11,300 across 60 countries and annual sales of 2.22 billion euros, Kärcher is the world’s leading supplier of cleaning technology. But when it comes to cleaning up its heterogeneous CAD and PLM architecture, the family-owned company does not just rely on its own expertise. The experts at PROSTEP are providing advice on formulating the new PLM strategy and modernizing the IT infrastructure.

Expert Partner for CAD/PDM Migration

ebm-papst - PROSTEP

There are many obstacles to be surmounted when switching to a new CAD/PDM system, not least of which is the migration of existing data. Utilizing the services of the software vendor is not the only option for migrating such data. The Landshut-based manufacturers of motors and fans ebm-papst imported their CAD and PDM data into the Windchill PDMLink system from PTC with the assistance of PROSTEP AG, which allowed them to complete this demanding migration project on time and below budget.

PLM: A way out of the crisis

PLM - A Way out of the Crisis

After enjoying a number of boom years, German shipbuilders are also feeling the impact of the worldwide economic crisis. A decline in new orders and an increase in order cancellations pose a problem for the shipbuilding industry. IT experts recommend using the crisis as an opportunity to improve competitiveness. Data integration and data communication in the development networks concerned with the ship development process in particular still offer significant rationalization potential.

Insufficient Communication in Shipbuilding

Insufficient Communication in Shipbuilding

Compared with the automotive or aerospace industry, the shipbuilding industry is characterized by extremely short development and production cycles. It takes only a little more than a year for a vessel to evolve from initial design to launch. Up to 200 suppliers may be involved in its development. Insufficient communication between the shipyards and their partners is becoming an ever more significant obstacle in the development process. Fortunately, solutions for process automation in product data communication provide anelegant way of avoiding such problems.




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