OpenPDM 9.3 provides even more links to the ALM and ERP world

With version 9.3, PROSTEP will this year be presenting the second major release of its OpenPDM platform for PLM integration, migration and collaboration. The main focus of its further development was, on the one hand, placed on improving connectivity to the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and ERP world and, on the other hand, enhancing the user-friendliness of the interfaces and reporting functions. Another highlight is the fact that OpenPDM is now even easier to deploy in cloud scenarios.

The Digital Thread makes complexity manageable

Digital Thread

Nowadays, manufacturing industry uses highly complex IT systems to develop equally highly complex products that include an increasing number of electronic and software components. However, the attempt to cast out the devil of complexity with complex PLM solutions is increasingly being stretched to the limit. If users are to get to grips with this complexity, they need applications that are as innovative as they are easy to use.

PROSTEP presents OpenCLM – THE solution for the digital thread

PROSTEP is bringing a lean, smart web application for generating digital threads to market: OpenCLM ensures data transparency across domain boundaries and makes it possible for everyone involved to trace deliverables and decisions. This makes it easier for companies to get to grips with complex development projects and respond agilely to new requirements.

End-to-end Digitalization is Determined by the Digital Twin

The digital twin is an important, if not the most important, enabler for the digital transformation of business processes and the development of data-driven business models. This is why it is the focus of numerous digitalization initiatives in a wide range of industries. Companies however face a number of challenges when it comes to implementing the digital twin. One of these challenges, albeit not the biggest, is the fact that their existing PLM capabilities are most likely insufficient for this purpose and need to be expanded.

PDM/PLM Provides the Foundation for Digital Transformation

The products from agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS are becoming ever more complex, and this also true of the associated development processes. Talking to PROSTEP Newsletter, Dr. Kai Korthals, Head of Digital Product Engineering, explains how CLAAS intends to master this increasing complexity and looks at the role that PDM/PLM is playing in the company’s digitalization strategy.

Potentials and Challenges for the Digital Twin in the Shipbuilding Industry – Survey

Whitepaper - Potentials and Challenges for the Digital Twin in the Shipbuilding Industry

Everyone is talking about the digital twin – even in the shipbuilding industry. But is there something like an industry-wide understanding of what companies in the maritime industry mean by the term ‘digital twin’ and what they expect from it? To find out, PROSTEP conducted a cross-enterprise survey of shipyards, owners, suppliers and classification societies. Due to the novelty of the topic, we assumed that companies have different ideas about the digital twin. In many cases, it is indeed still considered a vision or a marketing buzzword. But there were also positive opinions: “We shouldn’t let ourselves be intimidated by the novelty of the topic. Many things already represent the ‘state of the art’ and can be used for innovation,” said a shipyard representative. At companies already implementing their first digital twin projects, the level of maturity of these projects varies widely. A key finding of the survey is that better collaboration between all the parties involved in developing and using digital twins would be desirable, but the uniform standards needed to achieve this are lacking.




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