​Engineering Change Management with ARAS Innovator PLM and Integration with SIEMENS PLM Teamcenter

​This post is a 3 parts outlining ARAS Innovator PLM and SIEMENS Teamcenter PLM Integration.

​Part. 1 - OpenPDM Overview of Aras Innovator Connector and Siemens Teamcenter Connector

​Here ​we'll give you an overview of the PROSTEP PLM Integration solution, OpenPDM.  It will provide a quick view of the configuration between ARAS Innovator and SIEMENS Teamcenter. The demo will also highlight the integration of multiple PLM solutions with OpenPDM. ​

Part 2. Engineering Change Management with ARAS Innovator and SIEMENS Teamcenter PLM Synchronization

​The engineering change order (ECO) begins in ARAS Innovator and the changes are made in SIEMENS NX.  The PROSTEP PLM Integration solution, OpenPDM is used to synchronize the CAD back to ARAS.  

Part ​3. JT File Synchronization Use Case

You’ll start with a JT file in SIEMENS Teamcenter and this will be synchronized in ARAS Innovator using PROSTEP's PLM Integration solution, OpenPDM.  

​PROSTEP has been an ARAS system integrator partner since 2015

ARAS PROSTEP Partnership
ARAS Innovator and OpenPDM

PROSTEP provides integration and migration solutions for ARAS INNOVATOR with specific integration solutions with other PLM systems such as SIEMENS Teamcenter, PTC Windchill and SAP.

Supported functionalities include:

  • Query data objects in ARAS
  • Export metadata including structure information
  • Create new metadata
  • Modify existing metadata
  • Download files
  • Upload files

Supported data model objects:

  • Parts
  • Documents
  • CAD documents
  • Files
  • Relations
  • *specific ARAS objects can be supported on project demand
  • *any data that is accessible via the ARAS .NET API can be made accessible

​View the ARAS Windchill Integration Demo Below

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