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Dear Reader,

How do you define the digital thread?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology cites the digital thread as a communication framework that enables the repurposing, reuse and traceability of information throughout the lifecycle of a product.

When faced with data siloed throughout different systems, it is challenging to solve the complex integrations.

Have you already worked to implement the digital thread in your own business? ​

If so, ​we want to hear from you in the comment section below!

Please share your experiences (successful or not) with us. 
What challenges did you face when implementing the digital thread?  Why did you choose to implement the digital thread?  What were your positive and negatives experiences with the implementation process and the resulting effects on your product lifecycle?

To be eligible for the prize, please comment below.  The contest ends at midnight on June 30, 2019. ​ 

PROSTEP will choose a Grand Prize winner based on ​the guidelines and criteria listed below. 

​Concepts to include in your comment:

  • ​Describe what the digital thread means to you, and why and how you chose to enable the digital thread.
  • ​Share your success stories and/or horror stories.
  • Explain your real life use cases and results from enabling the digital thread.  Did you see an immediate ROI? If so, how?  Did you see productivity and communication efficiencies? If so, how?
  • Tell us about anything related to implementing the digital thread.

​Prize: Grand Prize - $250 Amazon Gift Card

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How to enter:

  • ​Comment in the thread below.
  • Comment must contain at least 800 words (in English, please)
  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM EST on June 3​0, 2019.  The winner will be announced in this thread and by email on July ​8th, 2019
  • PROSTEP may contact you for additional details.

Judging Criteria:

  • ​Content 
    • Did you include real life stories and use cases?  Did you explain why and how you enabled the digital thread and what technologies you used?  Is it clear what you were trying to achieve and what changes occurred after enabling?
  • ​Insight 
    • What would you differently? What would you recommend others to do prior to enabling the digital thread? Do you have any special tips or ideas others could benefit from?
  • ​Data
    • Do you have statistics that show improved communications? Can you show ROI for enabling the digital thread?
  • Bonus!!!
    • Publicly share your post on social media platforms with the hashtag #PROSTEP​​DigitalThread

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