​Secure Your Intellectual Property with a Globally Integrated ​Data Exchange Platform

​Minimize ​your risk of IP theft with a platform that enables secure large CAD transfer and company sensitive document transfer via non-secure channels.

​How ​Secure Are Your Data Exchange Methods?

​OpenDXM GlobalX is a managed file transfer platform that integrates joint ventures, development partners and suppliers without the risk of IP theft.

In a globalized manufacturing world, analysts indicate that more than 80% of your development services are performed by external partners. A workforce of multiple partners and global vendors requires automated and secure engineering data exchange.

​Cross-company collaboration is a challenge, especially for a global development team. Efficiently sharing CAD data on a global scale introduces obstacles in compliance, regulations and file-sizes. The need to integrate other suppliers and vendors only adds to the difficulty. 

Your intellectual property (IP) can consist of a vast array of official papers, such as patents, industrial designs, inventions, trade secrets, customer lists, customer transactions, test results, database rights, processes and many other sensitive documents. Whether your IP falls into one or all of those categories, you want to ensure that it is protected.

Is your company part of this year’s global $50-60 billion dollar IP loss ?

Understanding how IP loss occurs is the first step towards preventing it.

  • Do you have the right system configurations?
  • Are you using a VPN?
  • Do you have protocols to ensure information is sent to the right person?
  • Are there security standards in place to keep you compliant with regulations?
  • How secure is your email data exchange?

​Data Security                         ISO|IEC 27001:2013

  • ​Certified​​​​ to ISO 27001:2013 (information and IT security)
  • Member of TeleTrust Association - Germany
  • Certified Security by ERNW Penetration Test

"We are thus showing our customers just how seriously we take the subject of data security and that their data is in good hands"

​- D. Rainer Bugow, Chief Technology Officer


Are you still using old methods of file transfer?

If you still use obsolete methods of file transfer, you increase your chances of data loss. Many of the most common file transfer methods are insecure, including:

  • Email
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • VPN
  • Cloud Services
  • OFTP2

​How can OpenDXM GlobalX help?

​OpenDXM GlobalX is a securely managed file transfer solution for global manufacturing data exchange.

​​OpenDXM GlobalX provides a Managed-File-Transfer (MFT) solution for all types and sizes of documents in all divisions.

​​OpenDXM GlobalX delivers all-over data security, real end-to-end encryption with enforcement of corporate compliance.

​​OpenDXM GlobalX includes an integrated process engine for fully automated file processing from application to application (A2A).

Versatile User Interfaces for Easy, Secure and Integrated Data Exchange

Secure exchange needs to be simple and easily accessible. End users do not like complicated multi-step processes, and they will often forego a secure exchange altogether if it seems like too much work.  This leaves your data vulnerable and exposed. PROSTEP ​addresses this issue by providing several user interface options to choose from for convenient and secure data exchange.

​Outlook and Windows Explorer Integration


​Secure Your Data - How to Keep Ahead in Secure Data Exchange

​Download the ​OpenDXM GlobalX Data Sheet

​Secure ​Global Supplier Data Exchange Solution from PROSTEP


​White​ Paper

​Data Security and Know-How Protection

PROSTEP experts highlight the basis for secure data communication and show how automated data preparation can result in increased data security.

​Success Story

​Data Exchange on 

the Fast Track

​Automotive manufacturer Porsche utilizes OpenDXM, the web-based data exchange platform from PROSTEP, to securely exchange large volumes of data with its suppliers.

Success Story

​A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China

​PROSTEP implements a worldwide data exchange solution to connect over 300 partners within a global joint venture.

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