Ensure ​Consistent, Accurate PLM data with OpenPDM Integrate

Discover the platform that links your product data between systems (ALM, PLM, SDM, ERP, Legacy). OpenPDM Integrate synchronizes PLM data enterprise-wide for faster, smarter product development.

PLM Integration

​How do you efficiently implement the digital integration of PLM, ALM, MES, ERP and other legacy systems?

Digital integration is essential ​in the manufacturing technology world.

Product development data is often managed throughout multiple data silos. As a result, data in one system cannot easily be communicated or 'seen' in other systems, leading to data inefficiencies and inconsistencies throughout product development.

Integrating product data is a challenge for even the most proficient company. Full centralization 'locks' you in and prevents future viability of your PLM. Productivity suffers when an end-user is limited to only one tool, which usually requires cumbersome manual integrations. ​

Point-to-point integrations do not scale properly and eventually leave you with budget constraints and limited ability to respond to change.

​When data is duplicated throughout multiple systems, compatibility issues and un​synchronized processing time will most likely occur.

What does this mean for your company? Incompatible, unsynchronized data leads to inconsistencies in product development and the rework of incorrectly manufactured parts. This additional work means that you will spend more money, more time and more resources on an integration.

As PLM vendors work to keep your data siloed in their system, how can you work efficiently when your data is stored elsewhere: in other business units, other departments - perhaps even other countries?

​Smart connected products and blockchain technology have revolutionized product development. These tools provide first rate security and real time data access, but they also add a level of data ​management to your product development processes.

OpenPDM Integrate Ensures Data Accuracy and Synchronization Between Systems

Your data must be accurate, up-to-date and synchronized regardless of how many systems it traverses. OpenPDM Integrate provides the end-to-end PLM processes you need to connect, monitor and control your PLM data.

Configurable interfaces allow for the most complex integration and the import and export of CAD structures and PLM data.​

​OpenPDM Integrate has limitless scalability. PROSTEP's​ technological partnerships with leading PLM vendors such as Dassault, SIEMENS, PTC, IBM, SAP and others guarantee reliability when you integrate with today's leading PLM platforms.


​Connect All Your Data

​Cross-Domain vendor-neutral integration

OpenPDM Integrate is the integration framework built on PROSTEP's OpenPDM solution. OpenPDM is a vendor neutral solution, connecting product data to streamline your product development processes. With OpenPDM, you will be able to integrate and migrate product data through a variety of systems. PROSTEP’s integration and migration connectors enable you to easily manage your product data with both out-of-the-box and customized solutions for your use case. OpenPDM features:

  • CAx Integration/Migration
  • SDM/ERP Integration/Migration
  • PDM/PLM Integration/Migration
  • OSLC, Web Services, STEP, XML and other Integration/Migration solutions

​Download the OpenPDM Data Sheet

​Integration and Migration Solutions from PROSTEP

OpenPDM Connectors Enable Integration, Migration and Collaboration with Your Environment

PLM / PDM Integration

Partner Integrations

  • ​Integrations
  • ​ARAS
  • ​ARENA
  • ​IBM
  • ​PTC
  • ​OSLC
  • ​OTHER

​A Growing List of Integrations

PROSTEP’s list of integrations is continually changing and expanding. This list is not all inclusive and is subject to change at any time. To find the right integration for your specific use case, please contact PROSTEP.


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​Partner integrations:

​Download the OpenPDM Data Sheet

​Integration and Migration Solutions from PROSTEP


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