​OpenPDM CCenter: A Protected PLM Collaboration Platform

​With OpenPDM ​CCenter, ​all PLM project data is secured and synchronized outside your IT Infrastructure.  The data is available to all parties within a protected environment, enabling quick on/off boarding of partners during development ensuring enterprise-wide plm collaboration.

​​PLM Collaboration Platform

Do you need a secure, tailor-made solution to exchange and manage automated PLM data ?

​Globally distributed projects involving multiple partners require major coordination of product development data. OpenPDM CCenter, a Collaboration Platform, can simplify your coordination efforts.  It ​ensures that enterprise-wide synchronized data is available in a secure, ​protected environment. ​​OpenPDM CCenter will extract PLM, CAD and structured data and then update the data across all domains.

​Partners also have access to all key PDM/PLM functions including version, workflow and change management.

Cross-enterprise project work can be securely and efficiently accessed within the OpenPDM CCenter platform.

​How can OpenPDM CCenter help you?

​Joint Venture Collaboration

​​When a manufacturer (OEM) provides the necessary PLM data  but restricts access to the PLM system, you need a proven reliable platform for PLM management. Open PDM CCenter is that platform.

​Consortium Partners

​Two different OEMs will often use the same component but use their own product range. Because each OEM works on their respective PLM systems and only shares limited information, a tool like OpenPDM CCenter will compile all the data on one collaborative platform.

​Mergers and Acquisitions

​When merging two companies, a uniform PLM platform is too complex and expensive to manage effectively. OpenPDM CCenter's collaboration platform for future development acts as a data ​hub for all development parties.

​OpenPDM CCenter ​provides numerous features including:

  • User management
  • Engineering change management
  • Reporting functions
  • Workflow functions
  • 3D Model Visualization
  • Access Rights and Role Management
  • PLM Document management
  • Admin client
  • Client interface for operational collaboration tasks
  • Easy access for external partners
  • CAD Data management and synchronization of data
  • ​Connection of internal PLM systems
  • ​Supplier integration
  • CAD Data management and synchronization of data

OpenPDM CCenter is the collaboration framework built on PROSTEP's OpenPDM solution. ​OpenPDM is a vendor neutral solution, connecting product data to streamline your product development processes. With OpenPDM, you will be able to integrate and migrate product data through a variety of systems. PROSTEP’s integration and migration connectors enable you to easily manage your product data with both out-of-the-box and customized solutions for your use case. OpenPDM features:

  • SDM/ERP Integration/Migration
  • PDM/PLM Integration/Migration
  • OSLC, Web Services, STEP, XML and other Integration/Migration solutions

​Download the OpenPDM Data Sheet

​Integration and Migration Solutions from PROSTEP

OpenPDM Connectors Enable Integration, Migration and Collaboration with Your Environment


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