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Product development manufacturing is now a global process. Partners, suppliers and vendors need to work collaboratively on system(s) as designs are updated across the supply chain. When changes occur in one system, all other systems must update so that throughout your enterprise, all teams work with the most up to date information.

Systems integration keeps up with emerging technology and gives your product development the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead. Because of this, you can deliver better products to the market, and you can deliver them more efficiently than ever. An integrated system certifies that you are working on the latest BOM (Bill-Of-Materials), CAD data and other documents in the supply chain. 

PROSTEP has strong technology partnerships with leaders in the PLM field. Learn more about the integration/migration solutions relevant to your system.

PROSTEP Integration Listing

Integrations are continually updated.  Please check back or contact PROSTEP for your specific integration use case.

PROSTEP Has Connectors to Leading ​Systems and Vendors

OpenPDM Connectors for PLM Integration, Migration and Collaboration

Aras Integration

Solutions for ARAS Innovator

  • Integration of ARAS INNOVATOR in an existing system landscape
  • Specific integration solutions with other PLM systems such as SIEMENS Teamcenter, PTC Windchill and SAP
  • ​PLM Migration to ARAS INNOVATOR with OpenPDM
  • Secure Data Exchange with OpenDXM GlobalX. Options to be fully integrated into ARAS INNOVATOR or directly from Microsoft Outlook or Windows Explorer
  • ARAS INNOVATER implementation and integration services


​ARAS Windchill Integration Demo

​ARENA Integration

Solutions for ARENA - SAP ERP Integration

When a product is released in Arena, the PROSTEP Connector transfers the data automatically without user intervention. This eliminates delays and errors in data synchronization between Arena and SAP.

All data files for every product are processed sequentially, leveraging built-in data validations prior to transfer to ensure information is accurate and complete.

Solution creates and modifies the following information in SAP:

ERP Exchange works with PROSTEP's OpenPDM Connector for Arena and SAP to automate the transfer of released product record information from Arena to your SAP system.

Validation, Audit Trail, and Error Management

This integration validates your data changes before importing them to SAP. An audit trail records success and failure for Product Data and Change Order transfers. You can monitor changes and the success of the product record transfers through the Arena dashboard, which sends error alerts to a designated administrator. This administrator can fix the error and reprocess updates without corrupting SAP.


Solutions for ​Dassault Systemes


  • Integration of 3DX with SAP, PTC Windchill, SIEMENS Teamcenter and other PLM systems
  • PLM Migration to 3DX with OpenPDM
  • Secure Data Exchange​​​ with OpenDXM GlobalX with options for full integration into 3DX or directly into MS Outlook or Windows Explorer
  • CATIA and SOLIDWORKS data translation services

In conjunction with Dassault Systemes product portfolio we provide:

  • Integration components for integration CAD systems like CATIA V4, CATIA V5, VATIA V6, /xPDM and SOLIDWORKS, and the PDM systems ENOVIA V4, V5, V6 and Smarteam in the data exchange solution
  • Integration components for integrating PLM systems ENOVIA VPM V4, ENOVIA LCA V5, ENOVIA V6, Smarteam
  • CAD Import/Export Tools for CATIA V4, V5, V6
  • CATIA V5 customizing including CATIA V5 method development
  • Conversion solutions to and from CATIA V5
  • Services covering every aspect of knowledge-based engineering (KBE) as well as solutions relating to intellectual property protection (IPP)
  • CAA V5 application development

​Integration Solutions

  • ​OpenPDM ENOVIA Smarteam Connector
  • OpenPDM MatrixOne Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V6 Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V4 VPM Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V5 LCA Connector
  • OpenPDM Client CATIA V5 Integration

ENOVIA and CATIA V6 Integration Solutions

  • OpenPDM V6/3DX XPDM SAP Adapter
  • ROSTEP V6/3DX XPDM SimManager Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX XPDM Teamcenter Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX Windchill Adapter
PROSTEP Dassault Partner
PROSTEP Dassault Partner


3DEXPERIENCE Integration and Migration


Secure Data Exchange with OpenDXM GlobalX - 3DEXPERIENCE Export


ENOVIA 3D PDF Demo with Tutorial


DIY ENOVA PLM Migration - Fact/Fiction?

COE PROSTEP Presentation

Making the Leap to 3DEXPERIENCE

COE PROSTEP Presentation

​COE2018 Webinar - OSLC Case Study

COE PROSTEP Presentation

​IBM Integration

​Solutions for IBM

The goal of this initiative is to integrate all business processes on the basis of WebSphere middleware and the OpenPDM product suite as the solution for end-to-end product management.

IBM is a leading OSLC adopter for Rational products.

PROSTEP is a leader in integrating PLM and ALM through OSLC.

​Available Integration Solutions

  • OpenPDM WebSphere Process Server Integration

IBM Rational Suite Integration

  • Rational Team Concert Connector
  • Rational DOORS (including v.9 dxl connectors)
  • OSLC integration for ALM

In conjunction with the IBM product portfolio, we provide:

  • An integration component for integrating WebSphere Process Server in the PLM system integration solution
  • OpenPDM Connector to the PLM system integration solution
  • OpenPDM for the change management tool Rational DOORS
  • Synchronization of data, structures, versions and processes from different data sources

​PTC Integration with ThingWorx, PTC CREO (Pro/ENGINEER) and Windchill w/Pro/Intralink

Solutions for PTC

  • Integration components for integrating CAD system CREO Parametric and the PDM system Windchill in the data exchange solution
  • Conversion to and from CREO Parametric
  • Windchill connectors for PLM system integration
  • Pro/Intralink Connector

CAD connectors for:

  • CREO (Pro/ENGINEER) import/export Jlink connector
  • Workgroup Manager bulk controller (CATIA, CREO and other CAD integration)
  • Pro/Toolkit customization fro CREO, Pro/ENGINEER

​PTC ThingWorx Connectors

  • Connectors to various PLM systems
  • Orchestrate data flows including multiple data sources
  • Deploy on-premise or use in cloud
  • Integrate product data across corporate borders
  • Multi-vendor system integration
  • Easily create and modify data flows visually without programming
ThingWorx Connectors
PROSTEP ThingWorx Connectors Overview


ThingWorx Integration with PLM


Windchill to Teamcenter CREO Integration


ThingWorx Integration - Unleash the Power within PLM

PTC PROSTEP Presentation

ThingWorx Integration and Orchestration

PTC PROSTEP Presentation

How to Securely Exchange Data Outside Your Enterprise

PTC PROSTEP Presentation

​SIEMENS Integration

Solutions for SIEMENS

  • Integrate NX and Teamcenter
  • Conversion to and from NX
  • Teamcenter connector for PLM system integration
  • Application development for NX Open

Teamcenter Integrations

  • Teamcenter CATIA Integration
  • Teamcenter Inventor Integration
  • Teamcenter NX Integration
  • Teamcenter Solid Edge Integration
  • Teamcenter SolidWorks Integration


​Windchill to Teamcenter CREO Integration Demo


​3 Keys to a Successful PLM Migration with SIEMENS

PROSTEP Siemens Presentation

​Managing Simulation Data in a Multi-PLM Environment

PROSTEP Siemens Presentation

​Secure Additive Manufacturing Data Exchange Using Blockchain

PROSTEP Siemens Presentation

​How to Securely Exchange Data Outside Your Enterprise

PROSTEP Siemens Presentation

​Benefits of MBD Enabled 3D PDF in Enterprise

PROSTEP Siemens Presentation

​O​SLC Integration

OpenPDM Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Adapter

The PROSTEP OpenPDM OSLC Adapter makes your PLM system(s) available to the OSLC world.  Offering OSLC standard services, especially for those PLM systems that don't offer native ones, the adapter is an add-on for the OpenPDM integration framework which provides connectors to a wide range of systems.

OSLC Connectors for the OpenPDM Integration Framework

  • Anksys EKM
  • Aras Innovator
  • Dassault SmarTeam
  • Dassault ENOVIA V6
  • Dassault ENOVIA VPM V4
  • MSC SimManager
  • Oracle Agile ePLM
  • PTC Windchill
  • Siemens Teamcenter Engineering
  • Siemens Teamcenter Enterprise
  • Siemens Teamcenter Unified

OSLC Services can be integrated into any OSLC consuming applications.

  • OSLC Service Providers (OSLC Core 2.0)
  • Jazz Specific Root Service
  • Change Request Resources as RDF/XML and JSON (OSLC CM2.0)
  • Query Capabilities (OSLC Core 2.0)
  • Selection UI (OSLC Core 2.0)
  • OAuth
  • Link documents managed in backend as related to resource to OSLC CM entity
  • Provide download for documents
OSLC logo


​OSLC Model Based Systems Engineering Integration 

OSLC MBSE Integration Presentation

​Other Integrations

PROSTEP’s list of integrations is continually changing and expanding. This list is not all inclusive and is subject to change at any time. To find the right integration for your specific use case, please contact PROSTEP.

OpenPDM Connectors for PLM Integration, Migration and Collaboration

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