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Share CAD data downstream with 3D PDF Technology
In a globalized manufacturing economy, you need to overcome the challenges of CAD collaboration.

3D PDF Technology enables collaborative communication and integration in product development, allowing data to be easily shared using the free Adobe Reader.

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  • ​3d pdf ​TECHNOLOGY

​Easily share CAD data downstream with Adobe Reader

​The CAD data ​ used in manufacturing uses notoriously large files , making it cumbersome​ for you to share your data downstream. ​Because manufacturing is done on a global scale, it becomes a significant challenge to efficiently share secure CAD data with all partners, vendors and developers.

How can you protect your IP and share your data when you encounter incompatible systems and software, vastly different data standards, and restrictive IT administration rules?

You need a ​solution that transforms CAD into a "lightweight" representation - a .pdf file. When compared to full-fidelity CAD, a lightweight solution allows you to create a CAD representation within a PDF file of the necessary data. When you send a PDF instead of the entire CAD , you greatly reduce your risk for IP theft.

What more can you do with a .pdf?

​A .pdf provides you with security, ​encryption, limits on printing, limits on how often the file can be opened and numerous other intelligent file management and security options.​

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​Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and standards.  Understand how the changing IT landscape will impact and bring challenges to your business in the years to come. Download our whitepapers to discover solutions to these challenges.

​Collaboration Scenarios in the PLM Context

What collaboration requirements and processes are best used for efficient communication throughout PLM?  ​​Download and understand how to design efficient collaboration approaches.

​Smart Engineering: The Impact of Industry 4.0 on PLM 

​What challenges ​does Industry 4.0 bring when it comes to PLM processes and systems​?  Download and understand possible approaches to overcoming the challenges posed by Industry 4.0. 

​The Challenges of PLM Collaboration

What right mechanisms to large scale corporations and joint ventures must have in place to exchange data properly?  Download and understand the collaboration tools for flexible communication.

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